Pre-Sale Inspection Program

Put the Negotiating Power in Your Hands!

Why pre-sale inspections work!

Home Sellers:​
We can help you market your home by creating a listing, capturing leads, drive those leads to your listing, and drive the leads to the listing agents website. You will save time, less negotiating and frantic searching for a contractor to make the repairs in a timely manner. 

With our program you can publish and sell the inspection report through the listing. All sales of the report go back to YOU (the seller) to help recoup the cost of the home inspection.
Houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then the inspections are performed. Upon inspection deficiencies are discovered and the buyer and seller negotiate repairs. In essence real estate transactions are negotiated twice, once on the homes price and once for repairs.

With our program:
  • Seller is in control of the real estate transaction vs the buyer and can dictate up front what repairs will be made to the house.
  • ​Seller can build repair costs into the price of the home
  • Seller has the opportunity to shop around for repair prices vs paying last minute, rush pricing
  • Seller can recoup money from sold reports to offset initial cost of the inspection
Real Estate Agents:
Until now, agents like you probably have at one time or another used to pay per lead that they received. That's a rip-off because you're bound to get several that don't pan out right away if at all.

Imagine if you had a simple system that easily fit into your current workflow and helped you get accurate leads? The more leads and better transaction experience you have, the more homes you will sell.

That's why we use this tool.... to protect your book of business, to generate quality leads for yourself, and avoid messy negotiations that create stress for everyone involved. 
Ask about our Realtor Safety Tool!